General information

Christophe Ancey gives two courses for graduates:

  • Hydraulics: flood, dam failure, waves (42 hr, 3 credits)
  • Statistical hydrological hydrology: hydrological risks and spatial planning (42 hr, 3 credits)
  • The hydraulics course has been given since 2008/09. This is an advanced course on open surface hydraulics for civil engineering students. It shows how, starting from the shallow water equations, one can describe different phenomena such as floods, dam breaks and waves. For tutorials, it is mainly based on the Iber numerical calculation code.

    The hydrology course has been given since 2005/06. It focuses on the application of extreme value theory to compute extreme rainfall and flow. It also covers important concepts in risk management for land use planning.


    Course notes are available online for hydrology and hydraulics (in French).

    The course content is accessible from the pages dedicated to hydrology and hydraulics.