Computational codes

AVAC 3.0: computational code for snow avalanches

During my master thesis in the early 1990s, I worked on an avalanche-dynamics numerical code (see my article in French la Houille Blanche). With recent advances of free software, it is now possible to propose an integrated numerical tool for computing snow avalanches by combining the possibilities of GRASS GIS and ClawPack (numerical solver).

You can download the AVAC code and the r.avac GRASS addon from github: The repository provides the codes, documentation, and two examples of application.


  • I do not provide technical support. A sufficient knowledge of linux programming is required. It is also necessary to know at least some basics of GRASS to use the r.avac module.
  • The use of a computational code in engineering applications requires specific skills in avalanche dynamics. Numerical predictions should not be taken at face value.
  • The choice of the model parameters (Voellmy friction and other code parameters) is the user’s responsibility.